Meet Adeoye Adedayo Yisah

Adeoye Adedayo Yisah
Adedayo is the founder of the WeLead initiative. He is a graduate of Pharmacy from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, and also holds a National Diploma Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology from The Polytechnic Ibadan, Nigeria. He is very passionate about helping young people optimally utilize their potential so they can lead fulfilled lives. He also has a passion for an appropriate health financing system with a key interest in ensuring that people from rural communities can have access to affordable health care. He has over three years of experience in dispensing pharmaceutical care and over five years of volunteering experience in young person’s capacity building. He strongly believes that by taking positive actions, our world will be a better place.
“WeLead is an initiative advancing SDG 4 in Nigeria, with the mission to ensure that young people regardless of their background optimally utilize their innate potential by providing them with support in terms of mentorship, provision of learning aids, connection of young talents to local and international opportunities and provision of learning facilities where young pre-university and undergraduate students who are either first-generation students, students from rural communities and students who are firstborns can have well-coordinated study sessions. The initiative started in October 2021 and since its inception, we have reached more than 200 students and admitted 20 students into our mentorship program. We have a bigger picture of having study centers in all local government areas in Nigeria and modifying our mentorship to take both physical and virtual format rather than the solely virtual system we currently operate”.