Meet Daniel Akinjise

Daniel Akinjise


Daniel is a licensed Human Resource professional who was recognized by the United Nations with the Outstanding Volunteer Award in 2020 and the “Thumb Award ” by Enough is Enough Nigeria in 2018 for his commitment to ensuring youth participation in governance in Nigeria. In 2019, he was nominated for the MAATHAI IMPACT AWARD, served as a consultant on youth and peacebuilding for Peace Direct and United Networks of Young (UNOY) Peacebuilders, and was selected as a delegate to attend the World Youth Forum-Egypt in 2019, West Africa Youth Internet Governance Forum-Sierra Leone in 2020, and YOU LEAD Summit-Tanzania in 2021. His experience working with youth-led non-profits has helped him acquire skills in Capacity Building, Graphic Design, Photography, and Storytelling. He’s the founder of TAD Initiative, (a youth-led platform focused on climate actions and environmental sustainability), and Empowered Youth, (an Initiative that helps young people acquire skills through mentorship and peer learning). He has worked and supported movements on human capacity development and economic empowerment (British Council, Junior Achievement Nigeria, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Leap Africa, USAID, EIE Nigeria, etc.) Daniel is passionate about youth development, environmental sustainability, good governance and capacity building.
“Empowered Youth Africa is a youth-led initiative founded in 2020 to help victims of covid-19 inflicted with job loss to acquire skills for survival. We have evolved to be an organization focused on helping youth living in underserved communities acquire relevant skills for career and entrepreneurial growth through mentorship and peer learning. Our vision is to be the leading youth-led organization focused on the development of African youth through skill transfer. Our mission is to help African youth acquire relevant skills for career and entrepreneurial development. Our UN target goals are Goal 4: Quality Education and Goal 8: Decent work and Economic Growth. Our desire is to create a positive impact in our immediate environment and for African youth in general. Since its inception, we have anchored several skill training sessions focused on helping youth overcome the challenges of unemployment and hardship during and post covid-19. We have reached over 1000 youth globally.”