Meet Lozaria Lungu

Lozaria Lungu
Lozaria holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with development studies from the University of Zambia. She also holds a diploma in journalism from the Institute of Commercial Management. With over 3 years of experience in media and communication, she continues to be passionate about the media. She is currently the editor at Pacesetters Business Magazine. She is also the founder of Sangalala Networks, an NGO that runs a project titled “one book, one pencil: an education for all”, which aims at empowering young children through mind breeding, skill-building, mentorship, and offering relief packages.

“Sangalala Network is a youth-led organization that was launched in 2019 with a mission to empower young girls, boys, and children through training, mentorship, talent search, skill-building, mind breeding, and giving relief packages to underprivileged families. Our vision is to be the largest foundation in Africa that empowers young people and the underprivileged through education and mentorship. One of the UN goals we are promoting is Quality Education that ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all. This was in line with a project we launched called ‘ONE BOOK, ONE PENCIL: AN EDUCATION FOR ALL’ in 2020 at a community school in Garden Compound in Lusaka City. We facilitated a workshop and mentorship for upper classes on the importance of education and the skills they need to acquire, even in circumstances where they do not have money to go to school. We also distributed school utilities to the lower grades such as books and pencils.

The project is also serving as a reminder for them to embrace success and work hard even as they pursue an education. Currently, we are mentoring some of the school leavers from the community school and offering them career guidance”.