Meet Mike Otieno Odhiambo

Mike Otieno Odhiambo
Mike is a member of the National Youth Service with the rank of senior serviceman. He is a volunteer of the Kenya Red Cross Society and a social innovation student at the IFRC Solferino Academy. His future goal is to lead Kenyan youth in creating social innovations and supporting social entrepreneurs for the betterment of humanity.
“Limitless is a digital economic recovery project that I started mid 2021 after seeing the effects of COVID-19 to the economy and to the youth of Kenya. My SDG target is Decent Work and economic growth. My mission is to train youths in e-commerce, freelancing and online education as a way to create more jobs and business for the youth. The Future is Online. I have been able to train and mentor youth and young teen mothers to work online, in order to earn money to support their new young families. Through the project I was able to gain recognition from Kenya Red Cross Society which is the largest humanitarian NGO in Kenya”.