Meet Nchini Tathiana Claudia

Nchini Tathiana Claudia 


Claudia is a web developer, tech-preneur, founder and project manager of Tohkam. She is a current project management student. She worked as a customer service representative for three years. She is a global peace ambassador with Global peace chain and a global youth ambassador with Theirworld.

“Tohkam is a Cameroon-based virtual report desk and therapeutic platform. It is a non-governmental and apolitical platform whereby victims and witnesses of violence can conveniently report these cases either anonymously or publicly and also book therapy sessions. The platform addresses all forms of violence including but not limited to sexual violence including rape, intimate partner violence, female genital mutilation, sexual harassment including sexual exploitation and abuse, verbal violence including hate speech, and psychological violence. On Tohkam, we give you the opportunity to book psychological assistance with therapists and counselors virtually; either anonymously or not, because most victims who undergo certain types of violence are stigmatized and threatened and so they prefer not to open up. We believe that it will be easier for them to open up if no third party is to know about their identity. We ensure anonymous booking of psychological follow-ups because discussing mental health in most African communities still sounds like a taboo.

Tohkam also seeks to liaise with and establish referral pathways with like-minded national and international organizations working in the fight against gender-based violence, creating awareness around mental health, and providing hands-on support to victims and survivors. Tohkam is also involved in online and offline activism campaigns. In a short term, Tohkam will be available as a mobile phone app to ease reporting and access to support.”