Meet Nuria Venero

Nuria Venero
Nuria is a Social Education student. She has been interested in the social field and has been involved in numerous NGOs and associations for the protection of human rights. Her goal in life is to work in international development cooperation, focusing on the people she will work with in order to help them live as freely and independently as possible. She loves developing social projects, traveling and getting to know other cultures to better understand the world.

“LuzAzul was launched in January 2020. We promote social change that will lead us to a fairer and egalitarian society, promoting the development of the most vulnerable and unprotected groups, both nationally and internationally. We want to encourage and involve young people in these processes, while educating and finding new solutions to old problems. Our main UN target goals right now are number 8, 10 and 17.

Although it wasn’t in our plans when we started the NGO, we have been working with unaccompanied foreign minors as well as young migrants that just turned 18 and have been left out of the protection system. So far we have been able to build a very loving and supportive community that allows participants to make friends (not only with people in their situation, but very diverse people that bring great things to the table and enrich us all) and achieve social inclusion through them. We have also been able to help them find some jobs, apprenticeships and courses that they can take to improve their employability”.